Sea Lion ATTACKS A Diver In Mexico! ;)

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Off the coast of La Paz, Mexico, at the Los Islotes dive site, this diver got to experience something that I’m extremely jealous of! He had an unexpected visitor show up to play with him: a friendly sea lion. This sea lion is definitely not shy, and seems like he was just looking for someone to play with. When he saw the diver, he got incredibly close, and what happens next is just too adorable!

He swims around the diver, and then starts playfully nibbling on him just like a puppy would. It didn’t hurt, because the diver allowed him to keep doing it. He kept petting the sea lion while he swam around, doing flips next to him. He even puts his face close to the divers like he wanted to give him a kiss! In the beginning you could see that he was with other sea lions, but this is the only one who went up to the diver, wanting to play. This sea lion is so adorable, I wish I could play with him!

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