Black Cat Surprises Owner By Slowly Turning White With A Rare Skin Condition

Scrappy was a black cat who first came into his owner’s life back in 1997. At the time, his owner, David, had fallen in love with the feline’s lush, black fur. However, he had no idea that his cat would soon be undergoing a sort of metamorphosis of his own. After a few years, when Scrappy was around 7, David began to notice that there was something unusual going on.

Little bits of white began to emerge in his cat’s fur coat. And these patches only began to grow, causing Scrappy to undergo quite an unusual transformation that resulted in the cat having a marbled look to his coat.

Back in 2015, David shared with Meowbox that Scrappy had made it to the ripe old age of 18. He further added that his cat was quite an “extraordinary” feline. Speaking as to how he got Scrappy, David described how he’d fallen in love with the black cat who’d been overlooked by many people in favor of his littermates. That is when David made the decision to get the cat that he knew would be left as the last pick – if he even got chosen at all.

In an interview with Bored Panda, David further described his cat as a no-nonsense kind of feline who wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for himself. He shared that even as an old man, Scrappy would still be willing to throw down in neighborhood fights with other cats. As David joked, “I guess you could say that he rules the street.”

But Scrappy wasn’t just as his name suggested, he also had a high maintenance side to him which made him very hard to photograph. David noted that if Scrappy wasn’t feeling like having his picture taken he would often just walk away or refuse to cooperate.

Scrappy’s cool-looking coat was believed to be a result of vitiligo, which is a genetic mutation. It’s still not fully-known why it occurs, however, it’s believed to be a result of some kind of interference with the body’s cells that produce melanin. The mutation of vitiligo is pretty rare amongst cats. While it had an interesting effect on his fur, the mutation didn’t affect Scrappy’s health at all.

This was good because it meant that he was able to live a long and happy life. His rare look made him quite popular on social media and it resulted in the cat being quite famous online. While he enjoyed a bit of celebrity status during his lifetime, Scrappy has sadly passed away. But he did live a full life full of love until the ripe age of 19. He left behind quite a legacy online, as well as a book called “The Adventures of Scrappy the Cat,” which was based on his life. He sounded like quite the extraordinary cat indeed!

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