Grumpy Cat With A Permanent Scowl Has Become An Internet Celebrity

If you were to go on Instagram, there would never be a shortage of cat content. And for those of us who love cats, that’s a good thing. Cats are normally adorable and cuddly animals, despite the stereotype they have for being aloof and standoffish. But there is a cat on Instagram who has gained plenty of attention for having a face that embodies every cat stereotype ever.

Kitzia is the cat who has risen to become Instagram famous for her permanent scowl. She lives in Florida where her owner, Viktoriia Otdielnova, set the cat up with her own social media where she could document the many angry faces of Kitzia.

Kitzia’s Instagram went up in April 2018, but since then, she has become very popular – her account has 53.5k followers! Not bad for a scowling kitty. On her account there were plenty of people commenting on her look. One person mentioned the similarity between the cat’s face and the scowl of her children, while someone else mentioned that they were completely taken by the cat’s expressive look.

But another commentator wrote what we were all thinking by writing, “Plotting an evil plan.”

Of course, Kitzia isn’t the only cat on social media that has achieved fame for their “grumpy” look – everyone remembers the beloved Grumpy Cat who passed away. And there is the six-year-old Persian cat, Louis, who has gained traction in the absence of Grumpy Cat because of his uncanny resemblance to the late feline.

The Texas-based Louis has a permanently annoyed look. And on social media, his annoyance never fades – even when he’s doing something he enjoys like playing around with his furry buddy, four-year-old Monae, or cuddling up to his owner, 26-year-old Michelle Axis.

Axis, a medical scribe, described Louis as being a full Persian breed. She also revealed that his facial features cause people to ask her if Louis has a genetic disorder or not. However, Louis doesn’t have anything wrong genetically – he’s perfectly fine.

As Axis said, “People usually react saying he looks like a human old man! They love his big ‘marble eyes’ that he squints often.”

What do you think of these “scowling” cats? Let us know!

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