When Told To “Say Cheese,” This Rescued Pup Does The Most Adorable Thing Ever!

This adorable rescued 5-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier, named Herbert, has gone from being sick with the canine influenza outbreak at a pound while facing possible euthanization, to being a social media sensation all thanks to this video. Herbert was rescued by PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter, and is temporarily being fostered by Amanda Robles, who posted the video last week.

In this video that has gone viral, every time Herbert hears “say cheese,” he “smiles” so big, showing all of his teeth. Sarah McDonald, an associate director for media and community relations at PAWS Chicago, said that Herbert has just begun learning to be social. “The best thing about the video is seeing Herbert come out of his shell,” she said. “When he first came to us, he was really timid and displayed some signs showing he was under-socialized. His feet were splayed, which probably means he may have spent a lot of his puppyhood in a cage.” Herbert will be up for adoption in the next couple weeks. You can watch for his adoption availability here, and also see all the other animals up for adoption at PAWS Chicago.

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