They Were Buried Alive For Underneath Rubble For Two Days. This Heart-Warming Rescue Will Bring You To Tears!

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Days after a devastating EF-3 tornado whipped through parts of Dallas, Texas, homeowners searched through the debris looking to salvage any of their belongings that they could find. While people were looking for personal items, one family was searching for their dogs. The Berkshier family lived through two rainy and restless nights without their beloved pups, Sawyer and Lucy. They went back the next day to sort through the rubble, when they heard cries and muffled barking.

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Their family and friends immediately started digging through the piles of debris, and 20 minutes later, they finally saw Sawyer, their yellow Labrador Retriever. Filthy and in pain, the poor pup was carried up to safety. He was brought to the vet right away and miraculously had no broken bones. Aside from being a little banged up, he is doing great. Hours later, the family found their second dog, Lucy the Chihuahua. Lucy is doing okay as well, and now the Berkshiers will finally be able to sleep at night knowing that both their furbabies are safe and sound! Watch Sawyer’s emotional rescue in the video below!

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