Get Your Tissues Ready– Sasha’s Transformation Is Drastic, Heart-Wrenching, Uplifting And AMAZING.

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This poor little dog was snatched from the jaws of death, literally. She was several hours away from euthanasia because she had so many medical issues the shelter she was in didn’t want to treat her. Luckily for her an angel appeared by the name of Dr. Carrie from Vet Ranch. The good doctor took the dog back to their treatment clinic, diagnosed her and healed her.

The dog, who now proudly bears the name Sasha had so many medical problems it’s had to list them all. One eye had ruptured and was causing a total-body infection, the other eye was so cloudy she couldn’t see. She had mats and so many fleas you could literally see them crawling all over every inch of her. Sasha was so anemic that Dr. Carrie couldn’t even do surgery to help her. Luckily Dr. Carrie’s dog Bolt was on hand to offer an immediate hand (or is that paw?) in the form of a blood transfusion.

Once the transfusion was successful the medical team was able to remove Sasha’s damaged eye, treat her fleas and get her out of pain. Get ready to cry happy tears. If you ever doubted the goodness of people, this video will prove to you that there is hope. This dog was an inch from death and thanks to the good work of the Vet Ranch staff she has a whole new life. A life where she isn’t in pain and has found humans to love and care for her!

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