Santa Visits Romanian Shelter Each Year To Pass Out Toys To The Animals

Santa Claus isn’t just for kids – he’s for pets too!

Sava’s Safe Haven is a family-run animal shelter that is located in Galati, Romania. And, since 2012, veterinary technician Alexandra Sava has worked with both friends and relatives to provide care for all animals – dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits – in need.

And this family hosts a special holiday event every year for the pets who are in their care.

The family gathers donations of toys, treats, food, and supplies from all over the world, and then stocks them into a Santa sack. Then, on Christmas Day, Sava’s father or brother dresses up in a red suit and fluffy white beard in order to deliver all the presents to the delighted animals.

“We do this because some of the shelter animals are here for over 6 years,” Sava said to the Good News Network. “Unfortunately due to various reasons their chances of adoption are low, and they deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas!”

Sadly, Romania is famous throughout the world for its huge stray dog population. Even the animals who are fortunate enough to be kept as “pets” don’t receive the same love and affection as their counterparts in other places of the world.

Dogs are often kept chained outside without proper food, shelter, or medical care. The problem is then maximized due to the fact that hardly anyone ever spays or neuters their pets.

Currently, Sava’s Safe Haven is what 270 animals call home as they patiently await adoption. Many will undoubtedly live a majority of their lives at the shelter. That is why Sava and family make sure they go out of their way to make the animals feel special – particularly around holidays.

“We make our best to save animals and offer them a better life in our shelter until they find their home,” says Sava.

This year’s Christmas celebration will happen on Christmas Eve. Those at Sava’s Safe Haven have been documenting the event for the past 6 years, and all videos can be watched at their website – just click here. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

What a wonderful family they are to give so much to the poor little animals in need.

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