This 11-Week-Old Newfoundland Puppy Is Told To Sit. When He Does, Keep Your Eye On The Floor…

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Samson the 11-week-old Newfoundland puppy has been getting trained and learning basic commands. It’s always so cute to see puppies doing these commands for the first time, and to see how smart they are. Well, this puppy might be too smart for his own good! His human tells him to sit, but what happens next is priceless!

First when asked “where’s your toy?” he runs over to his toy. Then his human asks him to sit, and he listened. What a smart pup! But little did his human know that he wasn’t being so obedient after all! After Samson got up and walked way, she noticed that he left behind a big puddle! While he was sitting, he peed, tricking his human into thinking he was being good! But how can you even be mad at that adorable, fluffy face?!

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