Puppy Manages To Get Mud All Over His Body Except For His Face

I think that all of us have gotten muddy at some point or another in our lives.

Recently, a five-month-old Samoyed puppy returned from a play date and his owners saw they had quite a mess to clean up. The dog, Onni, is typically a beautiful white color, but now, he is covered from head to toe with mud. That is, except for his face which managed to maintain the original color despite the dirt everywhere else.

Lotta Alajoki and Miiro Lehto of Helsinki, Finland couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the messy situation.

“At first, we were worried about how we were going to get him clean, but when we kept looking at him all we could do was laugh,” Alajoki, 25, told the Daily Mail. “He just looked so funny that we had to take a picture.”

after the pictures were shared online, people were accusing them of editing the images to leave Onni’s face white. Alajoki chimed in on the situation.

“So many people think the mud is wiped off or it’s Photoshopped, but it’s not – he looks like that after every muddy walk or playdate,” he said. “His face was still white because the hair on his face is shorter, so the mud doesn’t stick to it.”

He also said that it isn’t as difficult as it might seem to clean the dog. After the mud dries, they brush the dirt out of his fluffy fur.

It seems as if this dog loves getting dirty. He has his own Instagram account and the pictures show him on many excursions that result in a dirty coat.

One of the captions reads, “This is my #funatdogpark face. Had a blast with my favorite Lapphund chick Ilmi and after that good run with neighbor doggo at yard😅”

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