Dog Siblings Were Adopted By Different Families. 4 Years Later, They Reunite For The First Time!

A couple adopted an eight-week-old puppy named Samo from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho, New York, five years ago.

Before he was adopted, he was at the shelter with all of his littermates, all whom got adopted around the same time. Usually when a litter of pups are adopted, they all go their separate ways and never get to see each other again. But Samo’s parents didn’t want this to happen.

Last year on March 6, 2016, four years after they adopted Samo, they decided to plan a reunion for Samo and her siblings. They hadn’t seen each other since they were eight weeks old at the shelter, so they thought it would be a happy and memorable moment.

The couple was able to get in touch with half of the litter’s owners and they all attended the reunion at Happy Paws in New York City. At the reunion, the couple and all of the other dog’s parents shared stories about their pups – their likes and dislikes, their health history, and their taste in food.

As for the dogs, they were definitely excited to be reunited and finally see each other again after all those years. They greeted each other with lots of licks and tail wags. It’s unknown if the dogs actually recognize each other as siblings, but it is clear that they get along!

Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below:

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