Woman Warns Other Pet Owners Of Toxic Sago Palm Houseplant After It Killed Her Dog

Wisconsin woman is devastated after her beloved French bulldog dies in her arms. She is sharing her heartbreaking story to save the lives of other dogs.

“Our sweet baby Lily got into one of my houseplants and ended up fighting for her life at the emergency vet for nearly a week. She is now home with a feeding tube and a medication schedule that spans from 7 AM until 12 AM daily. There have been many tears shed, dollars spent, and guilt felt… all because of a $5 plant.” posted Kate Wagner.

Wagner was unaware that Sago Palm plants are extremely toxic to dogs and did not see any warning tags when she purchased the plant. The tropical plant, sold as an outdoor plant and houseplant, is extremely toxic to dogs, cats, and humans. All parts of the plant are toxic, especially the seeds.

Photos: Facebook/Kate Wagner

The plant contains cycasin which causes liver failure in dogs. Just one bite or one seed is enough to kill a dog. Sadly, the mortality rate is high for pets that ingest any part of the plant. The best option is avoidance.

Wagner did everything in her power to save Lily, but ten days after her first post Wagner wrote that Lily passed away. “Lily passed away in our arms. She fought hard, loved hard, and gave us a couple butt wiggles just before she just couldn’t fight any longer. We loved her so very much and gave her all the love and care in the weeks since the incident we could possibly give. We are truly devastated.”

Photos: Facebook/Kate Wagner

She went on to urge other pet owners to be cautious of what plants they bring into their homes. “Even if you think the house plant is in a secure location, mischievous little paws may still get into trouble,” she said.

There are many toxic houseplants that can harm your dog or cat, so please research before you bring one into your home. She hopes her heartbreaking story will save the lives of other dogs. Please share with your friends and family!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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