Adorable Sadie Gets Caught Red Handed. When You See How, You Can’t Help But Laugh!!

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Dogs do the darnedest things! Just the other day I walked into my bathroom to discover my adorable, little pug had decided to destroy our toilet paper roll. And no, I don’t mean simply unroll it. I mean completely tear it to shreds and when I stumbled on her doing so, I could tell she was having a blast. Well, it looks like another pup was caught red handed doing something he shouldn’t have!!

Sadie, this adorable, but guilty-looking pup, gets caught red handed rifling through her baby owner’s lunch box! When the pup’s owners come in to see what she’s up to, they can’t help but laugh at the predicament the dog has gotten herself into! No more lunch box snacks for you, Sadie! Lol!

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