Rusty, The Golden Retriever Claimed His Spot On The Couch. NOBODY Is Getting Him Up, Nobody.

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You know when you finally sit down after the longest, most tiring day ever and you don’t feel like doing anything else but relaxing? Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect, comfortable position, but once you find it, you definitely don’t want to get up any time soon. Well that’s exactly how this adorable pup feels!

This three-year-old Golden Retriever, named Rusty, is sitting on the couch, relaxing, when his human is trying to get him up. But he is way too stubborn and refuses to move, no matte what his human says. He is so cute, and the way he is sitting is just like a human, it’s hysterical! Even with the help of Rusty’s doggy sibling, Rusty still won’t budge. Oh well, just let him rest! He needs his beauty sleep (or not, because he’s already so cute already!).

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