We ‘Love’ Actor Paul Rust’s Giant Judy Almost As Much As He Does

Comedian, writer, and actor Paul Rust has a soft spot for his dog, and as far as soft spots go, this one has some range!

Rust co-stars alongside Gillian Jacobs in the Netflix Original series “Love,” but off-screen his heart belongs to Judy, a massive shaggy canine companion who has no problem smothering him with smooches.

On his Instagram account, Rust shows off Judy’s clingy cuddliness with pictures of her climbing on his back, snuggling with friends on the couch, and otherwise being a huge deal.

Judy on my back

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Rust’s wife, Lesley Arfin may get a little jealous from time to time, but as she’s currently pregnant with the couple’s first child, she’ll have to hold off on climbing on hubby’s back, as it goes against common obstetric advice.

In the meantime, Judy has plenty of love for Arfin as well. It’s not just Rust who gets smothered by a curly canine every day.

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Fellow comedians are no strange sight at the Rust and Arfin household, just so long as they’re prepared for Judy. “Love” supporting co-star Claudia O’Doherty knows all about that rule and enjoys this furry friend as much as anyone.

Judy on the couch with @dingdongitsclaudiaodoherty & @lesleyarfin

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Judy is larger than life, and, with a talented friend like Rust, her career in pictures is looking quite promising.

The more her owner costs, the more her fans want. It’s just the nature of the biz these days. Showbiz, that is. Sometimes people in the industry call it “showbiz.” Are you in the industry? Have we mentioned Paul Rust is in the industry?

Here’s another picture of Judy.

me and judy 2017

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And one more because we agree with Rust. Judy is amazing!

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Judy is quite impressive, but how much do you think you know about her canine cousins? Click the button below to find a list of dog myths that need to be busted.

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