Russias Only Corgi K-9 Retires After 7 Years Of Drug-Busting Service

Social media has been buzzing with news about Ginger, a corgi who is one of the most beloved police officers in Russia. Ginger recently retired from his job as a cop after being on the force for over seven years.

Ginger, who is known as Ryzhiy in Russian, is not only on the Russian K9 unit, he is the only corgi to serve in that position. He was used to sniff out illegal substances and was responsible for catching people with everything from firearms to drugs and explosives in the city of Ninzhny Novgorod, according to

Corgis are often used as sniffer dogs because they have a very sensitive nose. The Russian police do not often use them because they come at a high cost. As it turns out, it was accidental that Ginger was recruited. He was owned by a police officer who brought him in one day when they didn’t have enough dogs. He turned out to have a natural nose for sniffing out everything bad, so he took on the job full time.

In 2019, social media picked up information about Ginger and he even gained an Instagram following!

Ginger’s Instagram stated: “No, I am a real pensioner!” It also added that the dog was planning on taking up sports and dancing now that he is retired. Of course, he will continue with his Instagram gig.

Ziger is the Belgian Shepherd partner who will miss Ginger, but it won’t be long before he has a new partner. Due to the high cost, it is unlikely to be another corgi.

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