9-Year-Old Boy Sells Custom Pet Paintings For Food and Supplies For Shelter Animals

You don’t have to be supersized to do something wonderful. In fact, even the smallest of people can make a difference in this world. That is what you will see with this young child, who is stepping up to the plate and making a difference in a big way.

The nine-year-old Russian boy, Pavel Abramov, is doing his part to help animals at local shelters. He is an artist at such a young age who lives in the small city of Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod. He has been busy painting pictures of pets but he isn’t collecting money to buy the latest gadget, he is exchanging the pictures for supplies and food to be donated to a local shelter.

Pavel started the project, ‘Kind Paint Brush’ with the help of his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova. It was the youngster who thought up the project when the family lost a pet and he became all too aware of the stray animals living on the city streets. He wanted to make a difference in memory of his dear Barsik, and he is doing it in a large way.

What they are doing is making a difference but it isn’t the first time they have helped animals. They have also been managers of a group on the Russian social media website, VK. The group is called ‘What a little volunteer is capable of?’ And it shows just how much a young child is able to do in a positive way. He isn’t getting help from large organizations and he doesn’t have employees, but he does have lots of talent and desire.

When Paval paints the pictures of real pets, the owners of those animals agreed to provide porridge, meat, and supplies in exchange. He meets each of these animals after the painting is finished and he knows them by name. He has an interest in how they met the animal and is touched by the stories that he has heard of those animals that were rescued.

His efforts have already spread beyond Arzamas city. Animal lovers from all over Russia and even from other countries have asked for portraits of their pets while taking part in his mission. His artwork has made it to Spain, Germany and will be going to other countries.

Pavel is is the youngest volunteer at the shelter in Arzamas that currently has more than 100 dogs. He gets food, household supplies, accessories, and other supplies that are needed in exchange for the paintings.

5 kg of buckwheat, 10 cans of canned dog food, and skin medicine was the price for Chuck’s portrait.

6 kg of buckwheat, canned dog food, bandages, and medicine was given in exchange for Ksyusha’s portrait.

Timofey’s portrait was exchanged for medicine and dog collars.

7 kg of offal and 3 kg of buckwheat was given for Jesse’s portrait

4 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of dry food, a leash, and a toy were given in exchange for the hamster picture

Onyx’s portrait was exchanged for 3 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of oatmeal, 4 kg of pearl barley, treats for dogs and household supplies.

The picture of these three pets was exchanged for 15 kg of beef trimmings

Exchanged for 15 kg of selected beef delicacies.

Rex, Tuzik, Keks, and Lusya had their portrait painted and the shelter was given 5 cans of canned beef, 1 liter of milk, 3 kg of cereal, a pack of dry food, and 5 kg of trimmings.

This portrait of Basi went to Natalia was exchanged for 10 kg of buckwheat and 10 kg of pearl barley

Sonya’s portrait was given for 10 kg of beef bones

Mr. Puzan’s picture was exchanged for 15 kg of beef bones and trimmings

“Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time,” the boy’s mother Ekaterina told Bored Panda. Pavel hopes to someday be an architect and build a large shelter. He is already making a difference in the lives of many animals.

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