Playful Kitten Likes To Hide In Fully Decorated Christmas Tree And Play “Hide-And-Seek”

Anyone who owns a cat can tell you a story or two about how their precious feline destroyed the Christmas tree and/or ornaments.

Cats tend to see Christmas trees as an obstacle to climb and the bulbs are seen as toys. People have tried to invent Christmas trees that hang from the ceiling or ‘half trees’ to help cat lovers enjoy the holidays.


Cats are curious by nature so it makes sense that they would want to investigate a large tree in their homes decorated with tons of round ‘toys’. Art teacher Alicia Garner decorated her home in Patterson, Louisiana, for Christmas with a large tree covered in bulbs and lights. The proud mom to five cats never had an issue with her cats and the Christmas tree, until this year.

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Rudy, the newest addition to the family, is a playful four-month-old kitten that apparently loves to hide in unique places. Alicia’s four other cats have never bothered with the Christmas tree, so she didn’t have any worries when she put it up this year.

However, Rudy saw the massive tree as a great place to hide and peer out from behind the branches to surprise her mom. Impromptu game of ‘hide-and-seek’. “I saw the ornaments swinging, then I noticed something orange so I grabbed my phone,” said Alicia.

“Later that evening, he went back into the tree, I had to pull him out twice.

“Then the morning after he was back in there again.

“I’m bringing home a piece of foam board to make him a shelf to lay on in the tree, since he seems to like it there.

“I have never had any of my four other cats doing this.”

So far the tree is still standing.

Here are a few tips from Country Living on how to cat-proof your Christmas tree. Cats hate the smell of oranges, so some cat parents have placed the rinds under their trees to deter cats. Others have used cat-proofing spray or have sprayed apple cider vinegar on pine cones and placed them at the base of the tree.


When it comes to tinsel cats love to play with the shimmery stuff, so cat parents have opted for paper tinsel or no tinsel at all. Shatterproof ornaments are a must and many parents attach them with wire to the branches.

Christmas trees and cats can coexist, or at least that is what some cat parents claim. Happy Holidays!

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