Injured Senior Dog Was Rescued From The Streets, But Beyond His Scars Is A Loving Spirit

Hope For Paws got a call about a senior dog who had been living on a freeway off-ramp. The dog, later named Rudolph, had a badly injured leg and needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

When rescuers arrived, they noticed that Rudolph was asleep in the grass. They approached him very quietly so they wouldn’t wake him up. They gently snuck their snare around his neck, which woke him up and freaked him out. When he was trying to escape, he bit his tongue. But after fighting back for so long, he finally began to realize that they were there to help him, not hurt him.

They got him into a crate and then sat beside it. It was very important for them to gain his trust, so they slowly started petting him. Once he was calm, they took him to the hospital.

When they got a closer look at him, they noticed all of the old scars all over his face and ears. It was clear that this poor pup had lived a rough life on the streets. But under all those scars was a very sweet and friendly dog.

After being treated, he went to live at Lionel’s Legacy and made a new doggy friend named Mufasa. They enjoy each other’s company and help each other heal.

If you’re interested in adopting Rudolph, please click here to contact Lionel’s Legacy.

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