7 of the Rudest Things People Do at the Dog Park

Dog parks are the best place for your fur babies to meet new friends and learn to get along with others. Taking them to their favorite dog park is a good exercise, especially if the dog spends most of its day at home. Engaging your pet in socialization can teach them how to healthily react to unfamiliarity. Dogs often respond with fear and aggression, making it challenging to bring them anywhere. These dogs tend to growl and bark at anyone nearby — unfamiliarity is a sign of threat for them.

For this reason, dog parks are beneficial for your dog’s well-being — just make sure you are close for observation. If not, you might overlook incidents that inconvenience other visitors. As the dog owner, you must be responsible for your dog’s actions and your own. You must remember that certain actions come off as rude, and you might want to avoid conflict at all costs.

Rudest Things You Can Do at the Dog Park

Socialization with people you meet for the first time requires manners and etiquette. Dog park visitors can enjoy the whole experience if a good connection is built and strengthened. To do that, you must be aware of the following discourteous manners listed below.

Not Cleaning Your Dog’s Business

You have to understand that the park should be kept clean and presentable. It is for sanitary purposes and a basic custom implied on your first visit. Cleaning your dog’s business keeps the park a healthy space to play and socialize. Unattended dog waste can spread diseases or parasites. Bring waste bags for every dog park visit and look out for your dog. Pick up stool with the waste bag.

Not Exercising a Dog Before Going to a Park

You need to calm down your dog first before entering the park. After being at home for too long, dogs with pent-up energy may get too excited and disturb other people. Excessive excitement might overwhelm the other dogs, triggering fear and aggression. It may also cause an uproar that can lead to accidents. Walk your dog from home to the park to use at least half of its pent-up energy.

Giving Snacks to Other Dogs

It is advisable to not bring snacks inside the dog park to avoid commotion and being crowded with dogs. The canine might show you an adorable puppy eye that you can’t resist, but you should. There is a possibility that the snack is new to them — they might look for the taste and ruin their diet. Moreover, this is to avoid giving food that isn’t good for the dog’s diet due to a particular health condition. More importantly, do not bring any human foods that can endanger canine health.

Bringing Babies and Toddlers

You won’t be able to look out for your dog if you bring small children with you. Dogs and toddlers both need undivided supervision to ensure nothing goes wrong. Kids might also get scared of dogs that tend to be aggressive with strangers. It may seem like a good place for a child to enjoy because of dogs, but you must remember that not all dogs are the same. A small child is also accident-prone inside a park full of canines.

Not Cutting In When Necessary

Dogs can get rough with each other when they meet for the first time. Learn to observe and differentiate a playful wrestle from bullying. Do not immediately grab your dog, as you might get into the middle of the commotion. Instead, you can whistle or call your dog’s name to safely break the fight. Some dogs are still in the middle of developing their social skills; that’s why you have to be observant. More importantly, ensure that your dog also doesn’t show dangerous behaviors. Do not tolerate them being a bully inside the park.

Not Giving Your Full Attention to Your Dog

Once you enter the facility, you must give your undivided attention to your dog. Aside from kids, other distractions will make you lose your focus. Examples are scrolling through your phone, snacking, answering emails, and more. Limit your gadgets to just a cellphone — in case of emergency. Do not bring iPads, tablets, and laptops. Be there for your dog and socialize with other pet owners.

Taking an Unvaccinated Dog Inside the Park

Ensure that before you engage your dog in socialization, they must be fully vaccinated. If not, the dog can be a health risk to other canines. You should not bring a dog that is unvaccinated, sick, or below four months old. Viruses and parasites can quickly transfer from one dog to another. Complete vaccines for your dog first, preferably at a young age.

Dog Parent Responsibility

As a pet parent, you must take your dog outside with consideration for other people and pets. A dog park is a public place, and one small action can ruin the harmony in the area. Do not leave your dog unattended and socialize well with other dog parents. You can even be dog park buddies with them — sharing tips and tricks to provide the best life for your dogs.

There is no excuse for being rude. Entering a dog park means you took the initiative to know what’s proper or not. It’s best to remember things that shouldn’t turn into a dog park habit. Be a responsible dog parent to make going out enjoyable for everyone.

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