She Was Afraid Of Her Own Shadow, Until She Met An Unlikely Friend Who Would Change Her Life…

This Pit bull, later named Roxy, was picked up by animal control in downtown Los Angeles after she was found hiding in the bushes. They are unsure of how she had gotten there, but she was most likely abandoned and had been living on the streets for quite some time. Whatever her past was like, it had clearly traumatized her.


Roxy was so terrified that she cowered in the corner of her kennel, keeping her head down. They knew she was afraid, but it wasn’t until they tried taking her for a walk until they noticed how scared she actually was.

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When they hooked her leash onto her collar, she laid down on the floor and refused to move. They carried her outside, but even then she continued to lie on the ground. If Roxy had remained in the city pound, she would most likely have been euthanized. Pit bulls are one of the least adopted dogs and are often overlooked. She was also black, another characteristic that people tend to lean away from when adopting.

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Luckily for Roxy, she didn’t have to stay at the pound for too long. Volunteers from Karma Rescue, a nonprofit group in Los Angeles, took Roxy into their care. She was safe and well taken care of now, but was still very frightened. She spent a week at the veterinary clinic before she went to her foster home. But she still had not gotten up from the floor.

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But one day, a cat, who is a permanent resident at the clinic, was walking across the window ledge of the vet’s office. Roxy spotted her, and immediately stood up and walked for the first time since arriving there. She seemed very interested in the cat, in a friendly way.

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They let Roxy and the cat have a few playdates, and they went great! Because of the perfect encounters between the two, they listed that Roxy was good with cats on her adoption listing. A couple, Sharra and Glenn Platt, noticed Roxy’s listing and saw that she got along with cats. Having three cats of their own, along with a Pomeranian, they knew Roxy would be the perfect addition to their family.

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