Stylish Feline Struts Her Stuff Down The Catwalk

There is no denying that cats have a lot of sass. Just look at how they walk. Actually, scratch that. Cats don’t walk, they strut. They would make most models on the catwalk jealous of the way they can sashay with equal parts grace and attitude. Because of this quality that only cats possess, we’ve now found our favorite new model: Rover.

The 5-year-old rescue cat from Washington state has broken out into social media fame as somewhat of a feline fashion icon because of the way he works the runway. His debut in the fashion world started after his owner, Angelina, started dressing him up in a parka in order to keep him warm during the chilly winter months. And one day while outdoors, a fashion legend was born.

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Rover doesn’t model a specific brand or anything, instead, all of his creations are handmade by Angelina – very high fashion. As Angelina relayed to POPSUGAR, all of the clothing that they put him in is not restrictive or uncomfy, so he can pose the house down. She added, “Any outfit that we put together, or any parka that we buy for him has to pass the ‘comfort’ test by the meow-del himself . . . Anything that makes Rover uncomfortable would be his least favorite. In that respect, he’s ‘approved’ all of the themed fashion shows because you see him strutting his little heart out.”

Even though this little feline model would much prefer to don his birthday suit all the time, he does work the camera and will pose for a variety of outfits and accessories – his favorite being tinted sunglasses! No wonder he’s been such a hit on social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok. As Angelina revealed, his outfits are so elaborate, they will sometimes take hours to construct. And the inspiration for these amazing handmade constructions can come from anywhere. The proud owner said that some of the outfits have been inspired by songs, pop culture events, or even just household items.

This sassy feline never misses an opportunity to strut his stuff. It’s this joie de vivre that Rover has, that Angelina hopes will inspire other shelter cats – particularly the black cats who are often passed over by potential forever homes. As Angelina explained, “Rover is a prime example of how shelter pets can blossom with love, care and affection.”

Check out some of this cutie’s moves on the catwalk in the videos below:

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