A Rottweiler Sees A Trampoline… Can You Guess What Happens Next?

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I used to love trampolines when I was a kid. It was the easiest way to make you feel like you’re flying. Getting shot up so many feet in the air, doing front and back flips, it feels like you are invincible. Apparently trampolines aren’t just a good time for humans. We’ve already seen goats having fun on trampolines…now we can see a dog enjoying one too!

This Rottweiler, named Bella, is on a trampoline and having the time of her life! Watch her as she excitedly spins around in circles and rolls all over the place. I’m getting dizzy just looking at her! After nearly a minute of straight spins, she takes a break and lies down. But the break doesn’t last more than a few seconds and then she’s back up spinning around again. What a silly pup. This is definitely a fun way to tire your dog out!


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