The Cat Who Thinks She’s A Dog, Now Thinks She’s A Shark! Sounds A Little Fishy, Huh?

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Rosie, the famous cat-dog that was adopted by a pack of Huskies, is making her swimming debut. It seems Rosie is part cat, part dog, part shark… AND A WHOLE LOT OF CUTE! Do you agree?

Rosie was rescued at just three weeks old. She was found in “ruff” shape and her new humans worked around the clock to care for her. Lilo, their adorable and nurturing Husky, stepped in immediately as her doggy surrogate. The two became inseparable.

Their relationship blew YouTube viewers away, with their first video capturing millions of animal loving hearts. Now that Rosie has grown up, her love for her pack hasn’t changed nor has her identity crisis. She swears she’s a dog and I swear that’s just fine! She loves to play like a dog, walk on a leash with her pack, go hiking and now she has added swimming to her cat-dog resume. You’ve gotta see this! But be prepared to “ooooooo,” “ahhhhhh,” and “AWWWW!”

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The public is in awe for good reason! Rosie and her pack are unique but they also show us, in spades, that dogs and cats can co-exist quite nicely. Most not in this way, but hey, anything is paws-ible. Check out some more footage on Rosie and her pack, covered by ABC.

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To read our original Rosie article, check it out here! Her story, along with her pack, will blow you away!

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