They Found A Stray Mama, But No Puppies. So, They Used An iPhone To Do THIS. Incredible!

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START Rescue contacted Eldad Hager of Hope For Paws about a stray dog named Rosie who had been living on the streets. A woman would feed her whenever she saw her for a few weeks, but that was all the food and attention that she received. Thankfully, Rosie didn’t have to live this way much longer. START agreed to take in Rosie if Hope For Paws rescued her.

Hager was able to capture her and get her in a crate. She was clearly afraid but after getting some treats and rubs on the head, she realized these people were there to help her and not hurt her. After looking at her, Hager noticed that she had just recently given birth, and wondered where her puppies were. He put Rosie on a leash and tried to get her to lead him to her babies, but she laid down and didn’t budge. Hager then played puppy crying sounds on his iPhone to try to get Rosie to remember where they are. It worked; Rosie led him right to her pups! Thankfully, all of the puppies, including Rosie, found furever homes! After six months, Rosie and all of her pups got together for a reunion, and a year later they

” target=”_blank”>reunited again for a birthday party!

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