She Was Thrown Out Of A Truck In Front Of A Shelter. When Staff Found Her, They Were In Shock

A truck was driving down the road when suddenly it stopped at the front door of a shelter. Two men got out and threw a dark figure out of the truck in a rush. For a while, the dark figure was very still. But after a while, it began to move.

A shelter volunteer was walking out of the door just as this was happening. He was screaming at the truck, telling them to stop. The dark figure turned out to be a very sick dog in horrible shape.

The volunteer asked the men why they committed this cruel act and they explained how their factory was shutting down and that they could no longer care for her. But of course this was no excuse. Before that, she had been kept in their factory yard for four years, tied to a kennel in the corner, as their “guard dog.”

They brought the dog into the shelter, and the staff couldn’t believe their eyes. The dog, named Rosalie, was curled up in the corner of the cage, and was practically a naked skeleton of purple color with patches of fur here and there. She had horrible mange and smelled disgusting, with wounds all over her body.

Rosalie stayed in their clinic as they examined her and treated her mange and poor condition. As time went on, she drastically improved, and her transformation is amazing! Watch it for yourself in the video below:

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