Dog Loves His Horse Buddy So Much That He Thinks He’s a Horse Too

Beau the dog and Knokke the horse are inseparable best buds. They wouldn’t last a day without each other — and both are super sweet to one another. The black labrador just follows the horse around, and they spend their day getting occasional scratches on the belly and kisses from their owners — and each other. Taylor Heller is the dog parent of Beau, and she lovingly shared the story of how a horse and a black lab bond every day.

“From the very beginning, he wanted to be with Knokke, and he wanted to lick his nose. And he wanted to sniff him,” Taylor shared. Beau has been very affectionate towards Knokke, and he loves to lick the horse and even jumps for attention to get a kiss. Dogs show affection to their loved ones by licking their face or hands.

“Beau likes to be scratched, and then he’ll roll over, and Knokke will scratch his belly,” Taylor narrated. Knokke returns the love by giving Beau a nice scratch on his belly, and they just play like they are the best buds in town. Knokke has taught Beau everything he knows since Beau’s puppyhood. Consequently, as the black lab grows, he behaves just like Knokke. He bites and lays in the hay, eats carrots, relaxes in a mud puddle, and sits in the water troughs. Beau certainly loves being a horse. Knokke might even be proud of the behavior his buddy absorbed from him.

Taylor loves the bond between the horse and dog, so she also shares videos of the two on Beau’s Instagram account. The page was made for Ripple and Beau. Ripple is also a black Labrador who is older than Beau. Knokke and his other sibling horses are also a highlight on the account. Each content gets hundreds of likes and thousands of views as its followers increase.

Ripple the Lab’s page is full of cute and funny animal content that will make you scroll all the way back to the first post. Follow the account to brighten your day even more. See the amazing bond between all of their pets after you watch the video below so you can get a glimpse of Knokke and Beau’s lovely friendship.

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