This Puppy Came In With A Skin Problem. When They Figured Out What It Was, They Were SHOCKED

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This tiny adorable puppy, named Fern, was brought in to a shelter as a stray and had a really horrible skin problem. Vet Ranch stepped in to help! They got her from the shelter and brought her to their veterinarian office to figure out what was wrong with her skin. Thankfully, it’s a happy ending! From watching the video, you can see how bad Fern’s skin was; she was missing all of the hair off the back of her ears, and the skin in and around her ears was very crusty and swollen. She also had a lot of crust and hair loss around her eyes and mouth. She looked very uncomfortable and scared, but that didn’t last for long.

They suspected that she either had an auto-immune disease or a mange infection, but the only way to find out was to take biopsies and skin scrapings which is what they did. The good news is, it was ringworm which is 100 percent treatable! They immediately started her treatment and gave her a bath and then sent her home with a foster. At her next checkup, you can see how much better she looks! All of her hair had grown back and she just looks so much happier! Also, Fern has found her furever home!

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