Police Detective ‘Demoted’ After Dumping Retired K9 At Shelter

After leaving his retired police dog, Ringo, at a Mississippi animal shelter, the former K-9’s handler has been ‘demoted.’ Ringo, meanwhile, is getting a second chance.

Ringo worked for nine years with the Jackson Police Department on the narcotics team after getting trained up by Randy Hare at the Alpha K-9 training center. He was enjoying the peace of retirement until his owner decided he didn’t want a dog anymore. Now, Hare is adopting Ringo.

But first, he wants to know why.

Source: YouTube/CBS 17
Ringo served 9 years as a police dog.

“I don’t know that there is a word for being both hurt and mad but I was both of them. And I still am,” Hare told WLBT-TV. “You know it’s just, you just don’t turn your back on something like that that’s been with you for nine years. Next thing we knew, we got a call from an animal shelter in Madison that Ringo was actually being housed there and up for adoption.”

Source: YouTube/CBS 17
Trainer Randy Hare was saddened by the news that Ringo had been surrendered.

According to WRIC, after the JPD learned Ringo had been surrendered to the shelter, they began requiring quarterly welfare checks for active and retired K-9s. And Ringo’s former handler, Detective Carl Ellis, was put on patrol duty.

Source: YouTube/CBS 17
Randy Hare trained Ringo before he joined the police force.

“The Jackson Police Department respects and holds our canines with high regard just as we do any other officer within our department,” the department wrote in a statement. “They are family, and we do not feel they deserve anything less than a loving home in retirement.”

Hare is glad to have Ringo back in his life, but said he is hesitant to train up any new police dogs.

Source: YouTube/CBS 17
Hare adopted Ringo shortly after hearing he was at the animal shelter.

“All I have to go on as far as Jackson Police Department is what’s happened in the past,” Hare said. “I know they have a new administration. I actually hope that they do better than they have in the past. But all I have to go on is the past. So for me, no.”

Learn more in the video below.

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