This Rescued Rhino Is A Bit Of A Diva. But He Sure Is Cute!

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This five-month-old southern white rhino, named Ringo, was abandoned after he was rejected by his mother. He was found collapsed when he was nearly two weeks old by staff at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. He was severely dehydrated, had a medical condition and was also underweight. Thankfully, the specialist team at the conservancy were able to nurse him back to health!

Now, Ringo is healthy and happier than ever! He is being cared for around the clock. He gets fed five or six times a day. He’s extremely playful and boisterous. He loves nothing more than running around and snuggling up with humans. Mud baths are important to rhinos as it keeps insects off their skin, acts as a sunscreen, and keeps them cool. But Ringo isn’t the biggest fan of the mud and sometimes protests it. Watch how adorable he is in the video below:

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