CPR Saved This Orphaned Baby Rhino’s Life After Surgery Complications Stopped His Heart

It was a dramatic moment caught on camera after an orphaned baby rhino encountered a severe complication as it was undergoing surgery to remove its horn.

The Daily Mail reports that veterinarians in Mpumalanga, South Africa, were forced to give the large animal CPR after the rhino had a reaction to the sedative being used during the routine surgery. In the footage below, you can see the moment the animal’s heart stops and medical workers spring into action. After several minutes of large bursts of air and intense chest compressions, the baby rhino begins breathing on its own. The lifesaving procedure is almost too intense to watch!

Despite this video just now surfacing on the Internet, the footage was filmed by Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary workers last month. The Sanctuary staff says that horn removal is a routine surgery as it helps reduce the number of poaching incidents. They tell the Daily Mail that the surgery is painless after the horn is made up of the same material as hair and nails.

But rest assured as the Sanctuary says the baby animal made a full recovery.

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