Rhino Babies Saved From Africa’s Poaching Epidemic Get A Second Chance At Life. YAY!

These two baby rhinos, PJ and Monty, have not had an easy first few months of life. But now they finally get a chance to know what it’s like to be happy and free!

Less than 6 months old, these rhinos were rescued as orphans from the wild in South Africa. They currently live on a sanctuary run by Saving the Survivors, a group dedicated to protecting the animal victims of Africa’s poaching epidemic.

Paul Oxton, whose group, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, helps fund this and other sanctuaries through public donations, says it’s so important to give rhinos like these a second chance.

“People don’t always realize what’s left behind by the poaching scourge we face. Oftentimes, when an animal is poached, there’s a young one left orphaned,” Oxton told The Dodo.

Sanctuaries like these rely on public support since they lack help from the government. All donations are greatly appreciated and taking care of these animal survivors is extremely vital.

Watch these adorable little rhinos playfully run around with each other outside during what is the beginning of a beautiful new life for them!

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