Dog Is Rescued After Being Left On The Side Of The Road And Crammed Into A Tiny Cage

If anybody knows anything about a large dog that was abandoned along the Michigan roadside, they could collect on a $500 reward. The dog, which was at least 60 pounds, was rescued on Wednesday night after being found inside a small dog crate. It was located on the south side of Dearborn, along with dishes, a feeder, and dog toys.

Fortunately, the dog seems to be doing well and is friendly. It was transported by police to the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit.

In Michigan, a $500 fine and 30 days in jail could be levied against somebody who abandons a pet, which is considered a misdemeanor. The crime is being investigated by police and a $500 reward is being offered if you have information that could lead to arrest and conviction of the person who did it.

They are also accepting donations to care for abused and homeless animals “to help us ensure that animals like these never have to go through this situation again.”

The Dearborn Police Department can be contacted if you have any information at 313-943-2240 or FAMD at 313-943-2697.

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