Retired Man Spends His Days Climbing Trees And Saving Cats – Over 700 So Far

Normer Adams loves to help those in need.

He spent his career as a social worker helping children but has now turned his focus to saving cats.

The longtime cat lover and owner spends his retirement doing two things he loves – climbing trees and rescuing cats.

Adams took up tree climbing shortly after retiring and is now considered an expert.

He quickly realized he could use his new hobby and skills to help cats and families in need. Cats love to climb up trees, and the bigger the better, but are not so great at coming down.

So, it only made sense for Adams to start a rescue service called Cat Man Do Rescue.

He comes prepared to each rescue with the necessary climbing and cat rescue equipment. As he makes his way up the tree, he talks to the cat and reassures it that all will be fine. While some rescues have been easier than others, Adams has successfully reunited or saved over 700 cats.

Most of the rescues take two hours or less, but one feline named Crummy decided to “jumped from limb to limb like a monkey”, which resulted in a two day rescue. Adams was able to eventually capture the cat and reunite her with her family that was waiting on the ground.

Nothing stops him from rescuing a cat in need. He has worked through windy and rainy conditions, up in really tall trees, and spent days trying to capture skittish cats.

And he does it all for free.

The hero offers free in-tree rescues for cats in the state of Georgia and will even scale a tree for drones and model airplanes.

Over the years he has built relationships with local shelters to help cats that are feral or without a microchip.

Adams have saved over 200 felines so far this year and sometimes performs multiple rescues in a day. He loves nothing better than reuniting people with their cats and urges everyone to microchip their pets.

One of his recent rescues involved a one-eyed cat that was returned to its owners thanks to a microchip and concerned neighbor.

The cat was wedged in a tree and was sweet as could be as Adams worked to free it. The woman who made the call for help took the cat to the vet and discovered its owner was just 8 minutes away, thanks to a microchip.

Adams has received calls from concerned owners, neighbors, construction workers, and many have assisted in the rescue. “One of the things that I enjoy about these cat rescues is seeing how the community comes together to take care of these kitties,” he said.

The generous man just wants to help as many cats as possible and has rescued pregnant felines, feral cats, kittens, and indoor cats.

Follow him on Facebook and YouTube to see more amazing rescues.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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