A 6-Week-Old Black Cat Named Binx Is the Most Responsible Kitten in The World

A six-week-old cat was found in the streets of Kansas City, Missouri, along with three younger kittens. According to KC Pet Project spokesperson Tori Fugate, the citizen who saw the kindle waited for the mother’s appearance before the shelter was contacted. It seems that the mother was nowhere to be found, and the kittens were clearly abandoned. Tori shared this in an email sent to HuffPost.

Binx watched over three 2-week-old male black kittens named Ollie, Frankie, and Ziggy. Fugate also shared that they couldn’t know what actually happened to the mother. But she assured everyone that the four kittens were being well taken care of in the shelter.

The kittens are bottle-fed every two hours. Kittens survive the first months of their lives by drinking their mother’s milk. It wasn’t disclosed how long these kittens were abandoned, but Binx did his best to keep the young ones alive and safe.

KC Pet Project also shared the story of the four kittens through their Facebook page. It was a picture of Binx and the three kittens. In the caption, it was written, “Meet the most responsible kitten in the world. He’s a 6-week-old kitten that was found with three newborn kittens.”

Indeed, Binx is the most responsible kitten for carrying out a responsibility that is quite tough for a kitten like him. Thankfully, they are all safe in a foster home, and the KC Pet Project Organization brought them all together.

“They all went to a foster home together,” she said, “because how could we split them up?”

On the Facebook post, a lot of people expressed their love for the cats. Some people were inquiring about adoption. Warm homes and nice fur parents are already waiting for the kindle. But as it was stated in the caption, the cats are not yet available for adoption until they are of the right age.

Learn more about the shelter’s work here:

The KC Pet Project is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides a home for rescued pets. You can support their animal shelter by donating or adopting one of their precious animals. Aside from cash donations, you can donate items from their wish list for better animal care and shelter maintenance.

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