They Tried Sneaking Up From Behind To Rescue Him. When He Saw Them and Started Running? My Heart Is STILL Pounding!

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call about a homeless dog in a giant field. He was dirty and straggly, and had been outside in the cold for a week. The woman who called saw him every day and always tried to snatch him up, but he would always run away. Volunteers from HFP arrived at the scene to try and rescue him themselves.

They spotted him sleeping in the field, and tried to sneak up on him but he noticed them and instantly ran away. If they didn’t catch up with him, he would’ve gotten out of their sight and then they would have never found him again. So the rescuer did what he had to do and ran after him. In the video below, they show an aerial view of the field they were in to give you an idea of how large this field really was. After running for a few minutes, they finally caught up to the dog and were able to get ahold of him. He barked and growled and was very afraid. They got the leash around him and spent some time trying to get him to trust them. He finally allowed them to pet him and then they picked him up and brought him to get a medical exam. They named him Alfie. They groomed him and bathed him and then he looked like a completely different dog!

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