She Spent Her Whole Life Working For Humans. Watch Her As She Tastes FREEDOM For The First Time!

This elephant, named Yai-Bua, spent her whole life working for humans at a trekking camp in Pattaya, Thailand. She was weak, skinny, and had a mass on her leg. She never got to rest as she worked all day, every day. She had five babies, but they all passed away, so unfortunately she was alone without a family of her own. Thankfully, volunteers from Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary in Northern Thailand, came to rescue her from these horrible conditions!

The veterinarian from Elephant Nature Park checked her out when they got there. He saw the abscess on her leg and also saw that her foot was very swollen. She looked very old and wasn’t in good shape at all. They gave her medicine to help her get better. Then they loaded her on a truck to transport her to Elephant Nature Park. There, she will live the rest of her life happy, well cared for, loved, and most importantly FREE!

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