She Accidentally Ran Over A Frog With A Lawnmower. What She Did To Save Him? WOW!

Min Tims, from Mount Isa, Queensland, accidentally ran over a green tree frog with her lawnmower, slicing off part of him. Green tree frogs are becoming increasingly rare in their native Australia, so Tims knew she had to do everything she could to save him.

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She immediately called her niece, who helped her devise a plan. The rescue that would help the frog was hundreds of miles away, but that didn’t discourage them. Rex Airways agreed to fly the frog, Dogtainers helped coordinate and custom package him, and a courier met the flight 500 miles away in Cairns to retrieve him.

Staff from Frog Safe, an animal hospital, then picked up the frog from there and brought him to their clinic. His wound was infected and the tissues above where the blade had skimmed over the shoulder bone were necrotic, so they took care of it right away.

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They gave him different medicines and a few veterinary drugs to clear the infections. But this wasn’t the frog’s only problem. Since he was out on the lawn during the day, they knew something else was wrong with him. And they were right! They found two internal parasites, which they eventually removed.

Now, the frog is doing great! His wound has healed and now all that’s left is a scar. He has also gained some weight and is much healthier. One might think that the lengths this woman went to to save this frog is insane, but to her, it’s necessary.

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“Compassion and empathy for all is what the future of this planet is dependent upon,” Tims told The Dodo. “If people can nonchalantly turn away from someone who needs help – including small animals – then we as a species may not deserve to be helped ourselves.”

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