These Sea Lions Were Washed Up On The Beach, Starving And Alone. How Far They’ve Come? Incredible!

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, is home to many rescued sea lions. According to the aquarium, over the past years, an unusually high number of sea lion pups were stranded on California beaches during an unusual mortality event, a sad phenomenon that is reaching a record-breaking high. Thousands have been found, alone and starving. Many die, but for some, they’re rescued, rehabilitated and released. For these sea lions, despite multiple releases, they continued to wash ashore and were deemed non-releasable by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Although they’ve had a very rough start to life, they never have to worry ever again and have found a forever home at Georgia Aquarium.

The trainers at the aquarium are dedicated to providing a fun and enriching environment for the sea lions. They are very social animals so they make sure they get to hang out with the rest of the sea lions there. Not only do they get the proper love and care, but they also get to learn new things and exercise their minds. They are extremely intelligent and have learned to play catch with a frisbee. They know different commands and get rewarded with treats and fish. Watch how awesome they are in the video below:

Below is their rescue and arrival:

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