He Was So Scared That He Bit Eldad. What Happens After Though Is INCREDIBLE.

Scotty the Poodle was a stay pup who spent five months living alone under a house. No one was able to get to him, and he was extremely scared. He was dirty and matted and lying in dirt. Finally, someone who saw him contacted Hope For Paws, and animal rescue organization. They immediately came to the scene to save little Scotty.

But his rescue wasn’t an easy one. It took two hours to finally get Scotty out, who was wedged into a small compartment. At first Scotty was very nervous and nippy, but once they put the leash around him, he began to relax. Once they brought him back, they shaved his matted fur off and gave him a bath; he looked like a brand new dog! One of the HFP volunteers brought him home to foster him. He got to socialize with her dogs, Frankie and Lola, and absolutely loved them. Scotty went from being terrified and living in dirt, to being loved and getting to play like a normal dog!

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