Rescued Pitbull Puppy Reuniting With The Man That Saved His Life Will Melt Your Heart!!

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If you had any doubts about whether or not puppies are capable of remembering and identifying people close to them, then you need to watch this video. It will silence any doubts you might have had, plus, make your heart melt a bit in the process…

Mojo, this adorable, little pitbull puppy, was found and rescued by Joey Wagne after the good samaritan found the pup abandoned and in near-death condition. A few weeks went by as the puppy recovered at the vet’s until Joey had the chance to go back and visit the perseverant pup. The ecstatic reaction the pup has to be reunited with his rescuer is just too much! His wagging little tail definitely had me tearing up. Talk about a heartwarming reunion!!

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