This Pit Bull Was Found On The Brink Of Death…Watch As He Experiences His First Warm Bath!

Rudy the Pit bull never knew anything about comfort. She was found in November, dumped in a plastic bucket in NYC, on the brink of death. The city shelter called S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast to come and help him. He was severely emaciated, couldn’t walk, and had many deep wounds and holes, some down to the bone. He had barely any fur and a horrible fracture in his leg, a tear in his bladder, and untreated Cushing’s disease. It’s clear that Rudy has never felt any kind of love in his life.

After he was rescued, he was moved into a medical foster home and has been recovering great. He is on medicine to treat his Cushing’s, his hair is growing back and he has gained weight. The vets are waiting for him to gain a little more strength back before they surgically repair his leg. For the first time, Rudy is finally feeling what it’s like to be loved. Watch this heart-warming video of Rudy taking his first bath. You can tell by the look on his face that he is so relaxed and enjoying it so much. His human is feeding him treats, and then he slowly starts to close his eyes and drift into a slumber. The warm water must feel so nice on his poor body that has been neglected for all these years. I’m so glad Rudy is finally being taken care of the way he deserves!

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