Injured Pit Bull Rescued From A Fire Becomes A Hero Firefighter

We don’t always get the easiest start in life. Despite the struggles we may face, what counts is how we face a bad situation – do we give up? Or do we keep going? That is what makes the world of difference. And one pit bull named Jake was certainly warming hearts with his story.

This incredible pooch survived a fire when he was just a tiny puppy – barely a few weeks old. He was in a shed that had caught fire and was lucky to be rescued by one of the firefighters that showed up on the scene. They rushed him to the vet for emergency treatment. He was fortunate enough to get there on time as he’d suffered terrible burns all over his small body.

Even though he’d gotten to the vet’s on time, his struggles were not over. To add insult to injury, Jake’s family abandoned him when he was at the vet’s office. Not only was he injured, but he was also homeless and facing an uncertain future. Fortunately for the pup, good things were coming his way. The firefighter who helped to rescue Jake stepped in and chose to adopt him.

This led to a wonderful change in his life. Jake was able to make a full recovery thanks to the loving support of a new family. He also got to spend a lot of time at the fire station since his new dad was a fireman. Jake adjusted well to life at the fire station. He even picked a favorite spot of his own, right on top of the fire truck!

Jake’s life has only been on the up and up since he was adopted. Not only does he spend his days helping the fire crew do tasks such as checking fire hydrants, but he’s also become quite involved in the community. Jake was appointed as the Hanahan Fire Department’s official mascot. This new responsibility means that he is an ambassador for the department and regularly visits schools in order to bring lessons of fire safety to kids.

When he was made the official mascot for the department, he got his own swearing-in ceremony where he had to take the K-9 pledge. Besides being an official department member, Jake got his own vest and badge. He was even given his own little firefighter uniform!

While Jake continues to do important work with the community, he’s got even more big plans for his future. Jake will eventually go on to become a licensed therapy dog that will allow him to work with kids who’ve suffered burns.

Check out the video of this special pooch below:

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