He Was Stuffed In A Basket, On The Way To Be Slaughtered…Then, SHE Came Along And Changed His Fate!

Catherine Besch, co-founder of Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue, spotted a several piglets in a basket on the back of a motorbike. It turns out that they were headed to town to be raised and then slaughtered within six months. When she saw them, she knew she wanted to help, but was only able to take one.

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Enter Julian, the adorable piglet that Besch chose. She brought him home and has done an amazing job raising him. As a piglet, he spent the day with her cats and ducks and he slept with her at night; but as he got older, he developed a very strong bond with Besch’s Tabby cat, Chairman Meow. Chairman was a kitten at the time, so they both grew up together.

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Fast forward to a year and a half later, Julian is a whopping 250 pounds. He is too big to share a bed with Besch now, so she has him sleep on his own bed on the floor next to her. Julian and Chairman are still the best of friends. Now Julian is their vegan mascot, and Besch brings him along to their educational programs.

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Watch Julian and his kitty friends in the video below:

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