They Set Out To Rescue Ducks…They Had No Idea They’d Be Rescuing These Cuties!

A group of duck rescuers were out during duck hunting season to try and rescue some of them. But little did they know, they’d wind up rescuing a completely different animal. They came across seven baby lambs who were abandoned in a paddock.


The lambs were so tiny that their umbilical cords were still attached. Since there was no mother in sight, they took the baby lambs and contacted Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Australia. They wrapped the lambs up in warm blankets and brought them to the sanctuary.


Without a mother, the lambs have to be bottle-fed and get round the clock care. They named the lambs Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Apple Blossom, Tutti-frutti, Lima Bean and Daffodil. Only six of the seven survived. Sadly, Daffodil was born with a viral disease which caused severely deformed limbs, and she did not make it.


But the remaining six lambs are healthy and happy and having a great time at their new home. They love to be outside and play together. They are very energetic little lambs and they hop around outside in the cutest way. You can watch them jumping for joy in the video below. You can also keep up with them on the Edgar’s Mission Facebook page.

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