Despite Falling Apart, This Shelter Dog Did Everything She Could To Keep Her Baby Healthy. Amazing!

AJ (short for Apple Jacks) and her baby, Tuttle, were pulled from a shelter in horrible shape. AJ was so scared that she didn’t even want to come out of her crate. Tuttle was the only baby remaining from what was probably a larger litter. It is unknown what happen to the rest of them since AJ and Tuttle were picked up by animal control as strays.

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Despite AJ being in bad shape, she was still such a great mom. Her baby was plump and well-fed and AJ did a wonderful job at making sure Tuttle stayed healthy. AJ had demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection with caused her to lose all of her hair and have scabs all over her body which kept bleeding. Both of them had two different kinds of intestinal parasites, which they got treated for right away. Tuttle also had a little skin infection from rubbing against his mom all the time.

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Two weeks later, AJ started to sprout some hair and they got Tuttle vaccinated. They both got neutered and spayed. And Tuttle was fully weaned from her mom by now. Now, both are fully healthy and AJ has all of her hair back! They are now ready to find their furever homes.

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