He Has A Disfigured Face Due To Abuse…But When He Rolls On His Back, Just Wait!

A horse named Sebastian, who has a disfigured face, was found living in deplorable conditions in West Virginia. He was locked in a muddy pen filled with his own feces and broken boards. An animal volunteer who was visiting the area came across him and knew she had to save him.

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Sebastian suffered from blunt force trauma to the head when he was two years old, according to PETA. Aside from his disfigured face, he also has a permanent eye ulcer and no control over one of his hind legs.

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They brought him to a farm to be treated for his injuries, and soon after, made a full recovery. He was then brought to his new permanent forever home at a sanctuary in New Mexico. He was so happy and relieved to be rescued and free, and showed it by rolling around in the dirt.

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