You Won’t Believe What This Dog Did For Her Owner After She Fell And Couldn’t Move!!

McKinney, Texas resident Janet Wilhelm rescued a Black Lab named Mabel three years ago. Little did she know, Mabel would one day rescue HER!

 Wilhelm was packing up dog food and placing it into a bin in the garage when she slipped and landed on her left hip. She couldn’t move at all and wound up fracturing her pelvis in five places. As she lay in her garage, she had no phone in reaching distance and had no one around except for Mabel.

“I grabbed her collar and she started backing up towards the house,” Wilhelm told USA Today. “I was like ‘What is she doing? She’s trying to get away from me,’ I thought.”

But Mabel wasn’t trying to get away from her owner. In fact, she was helping her by dragging her out of the garage and into their house. An hour-and-a-half later, Mabel finally dragged her 20 feet.

“I was so happy she was there,” Wilhelm said. “I was like, ‘Good girl, good girl. I love you, I love you.’ I was just so happy.”

Good girl is right! Thanks to Mabel, Wilhelm was able to get her phone and call for help. If it hadn’t been for Mabel, Wilhelm would’ve been stuck on her garage floor for eight hours, which would have made her recovery time even longer, says her doctor. Fortunately, she hopes to walk again in two weeks.

The rescuee became the rescuer! What a smart dog!

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