These Rescued Baby Squirrels Will Melt You Heart! Wait Until You See Them Eat!

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This adorable little family of squirrels lost their mama. Luckily a caring person found them, picked them up and rescued them from the elements (it was about a hundred degrees in Texas when this video was shot). The folks at Vet Ranch took them in, cleaned them up and gave them a new chance at life.

When they were rescued the squirrels were so young they didn’t even have their eyes open yet. They were also covered in fleas and very hungry. You get to watch them take a bath and finally, nurse on a little bit of formula out of a syringe. It’s so adorable to see them and wonderful to know that this wild family is going to be just fine thanks to the kindhearted people who looked out for them and helped raise them when their mama couldn’t be there for them.

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