They Were Used As Easter Decorations, Then Dumped On The Streets. But Where They Ended Up? AMAZING!

These four little ducklings were used for Easter decorations and toys for kids and then abandoned outside. Luckily, a woman saw them and brought them to a local rescue. Now, these very lucky ducks get to live in California with a 13-year-old girl named Zoe Rosenberg who founded Happy Hen Chicken Rescue two years ago.

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When ducks are raised with a mother, they spend a lot of time swimming with her. Since they do not have their mother and aren’t able to live in the wild right now, Rosenberg let them swim in her bathtub. And they loved it! Aside from swimming, the ducklings need someone to look up to so they can learn how to walk, eat, fly and just be normal ducks. So Rosenberg came up with the idea to let some of the female geese at their sanctuary take care of them and basically act like their surrogate mothers.


The geese absolutely loved them! The ducklings were nervous at first but they warmed up to the geese quickly. Although they aren’t the same species, the geese and ducklings are very happy to be with each other. The Happy Hen Chicken Rescue plans to build a duck pond for these little cuties so that they can swim outside whenever they want to!

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Karen Benzel, of the International Bird Rescue Research Center, explained that animals such as baby rabbits, ducklings and chicks are bought by people who don’t know much about how to raise them, just because they are “cute.” Usually they are sold as Easter basket stuffers around Easter and sometimes ar even dyed different colors like Easter eggs. Oftentimes, people let them free outside afterwards thinking they are doing the right thing, but what they don’t realize is that they are now unable to live properly in the wild. Because of this issue, It’s very relieving to know that these four baby ducks are now safe, have “mothers” to look after them, and caretakers to make sure they always feel loved and at home!

Here are the ducklings playing in the bath tub:

And here they are after the bath:

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