Rescue Rebuild Travels Around The Country To Renovate Shelters For Animals And People

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Rescue Rebuild is one of our signature programs that helps renovate shelters around the country with help from volunteers. Our team travels to selected shelters to take projects from concept to creation to improve both the lives of humans and animals.

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Since 2007, Rescue Rebuild has been to 48 states and with the help of over 5,000 volunteers we have been able to build 142 shelters. The program works with animal shelters, domestic violence shelters, homeless veteran housing, and wild animal sanctuaries.

Animal Shelters

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At animal shelters we strive to make it a welcoming space that encourages people to interact with the adoptable pets. Another goal is to enrich the lives of the shelter pets through play yards and free-roaming cat rooms & outdoor enclosures.

Florida Keys SPCA was hit hard by Hurricane Irma. All of the outdoor kennels, fencing and play yard were destroyed. Rescue Rebuild arrived to build an all-new play yard, six outdoor playpens with double containment, and an isolation pen.

Since all of the trees were blown over in the storm, the crew installed bright, multi-colored sun sails to provide shade for the dogs. They are now able to take the dogs outside and release all that pent-up energy! Not only are dog spirits lifted in this remarkable transformation but so are the members of the Florida Keys SPCA and the community!

Domestic Violence Shelters

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Only 5% of domestic shelters around the country accepting pets, but Rescue Rebuild Rescue aims to fix that disparity. The program works with established domestic violence shelters to build pet-friendly spaces for people in need. Rooms are converted to allow pets and kennels facilities are put on-site.

Approximately 47% of pet-owning victims of domestic violence delay leaving their abuser because they are afraid to leave their pet behind. Rescue Rebuild also facilitates partnerships between local animal shelters and domestic violence shelters.

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A domestic shelter in Missouri had two apartments converted into pet-friendly spaces by Rescue Rebuild. Old carpet was removed and replaced with tile floors. After a fresh coat of paint the spaces were ready to help those in need. The crew also converted a fenced-in area into a play yard for pets and their owners. In addition, they removed an overgrown garden and replaced it with raised garden boxes for residents to grow flowers, vegetables, and spices.

The shelter was transformed into a pet-friendly place for people to start over.

Homeless And Veteran Housing

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No one should have to make a decision between staying with their pet and finding a warm place to sleep. The therapeutic benefits of the human-animal bond are undeniable, and we strive to keep those families and their pets together.

Similar to the domestic violence shelters, the program works on converting rooms, building on-site kennels and facilitating partnerships with local animal shelters.

Photos: GreaterGood’s Rescue Rebuild teamed up with The Jackson Galaxy’s Project Safe Haven Program to help alleviate this problem at Haven for Hope in San Antonio, Texas. The shelter received a much needed makeover to a room to transform it into a cat paradise. The room was painted in brighter colors and perches were installed on the walls for cats. The crew didn’t want someone to have to choose between their pet or a warm meal and a roof. With these renovations, the shelter is able to increase their intake and change the lives of many more!

Wild Animal Sanctuaries

Recently, the crew headed to southeastern Colorado to build a 300-acre enclosure for these bears at “The Refuge”. Tons of volunteers showed up and helped dig holes and run fencing all by hand. The team endured a few hail storms and embraced the outdoors by sleeping in tents, all to help animals in need.

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The Refuge spans more than 9,000 acres and will be able to give thousands of abused and neglected animals a permanent home. The enclosure will be home to 200 bears that are not able to return to the wild.

Shelters that are in need of assistance are asked to apply for a renovation grant here.

Want to work alongside Rescue Rebuild’s crew of hammer-swinging, animal lovers?

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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